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Our Approach

At Kensington Fitness we are focused on ensuring our clients get results.  That's why our approach to fitness and health memberships is a little different.  Our process sets our clients up for real success.

When you join our gym you'll receive our "Pathway to Success" program for FREE.  Once completed you'll sit down with one of our Personal Trainers for a strategy session.  In this session, they will design a customized health plan for you based on your goals, preferences, injuries or limitations and make sure it works within your schedule.

That's why our motto is Fitness that fits YOU.


Pathway to Success

Includes: Basic health & nutrition assessment, physical fitness test & body measurements/before photos.


This program was built to show you where you are starting out at, so you can see your results over time.  It also gives us the info needed to develop a personalized custom health plan for you to reach your goals, both short & long term.




Select Term & Pay Deposit
Gym + Wellness Membership Mandatory

6 Months
+ Wellness Membership

1 Year
+ Wellness Membership

Complete Pathway To Success Appointment

1 hr assessment with a Personal Trainer. At the end of your Physical Fitness Test you'll have a strategy session with your trainer who will develop a personalized custom plan to reach your overall health & fitness goals. During this session, you'll choose the wellness membership that fits your custom plan best.

Choose Your Wellness Membership Level

1 Service/Month

2 Services/Month ($87.50/each)

4 Services/Month ($85/each)

8 Services/Month ($82.50/each)

12 Services/Month ($80/each)


30 Days Notice To Cancel Anytime

Month To Month
+ Jumpstart Session $90/one-time fee


+ Jumpstart Session $90/one-time fee
Must present valid student ID or be age 65+

Jumpstart Session
Pick One
♦ Personalized Fitness Program Design
♦ Nutritional Guidance Session
♦ 1 Hour Massage Therapy Session
♦ Initial Assessment For Sports Therapy



Day Pass

30 Day Pass
Max 3 per year, then Jumpstart Session mandatory.

All Memberships Include
• Free Towel Service • Free Filtered Water • Free Limited Parking • Day Use Lockers • Discounted Guest Drop-In Fee's

Membership fees must be paid by pre-authorized payment on credit card or auto debit. Memberships may be cancelled once the minimum term is completed and 30 days written notice prior to your payment date has been received. Memberships will continue on a month by month basis after minimum term is complete until you cancel your membership.


Personal Training ♦ Fitness Program Design ♦ Fitness Assessment
Nutritional Guidance ♦ Massage Therapy ♦ Medical Care
Sports Therapy Initial Assessment or Adjustment/Soft Tissue Session

Terms: Sessions rollover from month to month - Sessions expire at end of membership term - Membership level can be changed with 30-day notice

When you sign up you'll be required to pay for your 1st month & a $90 deposit which will be used towards your Wellness Membership. 


  2nd Floor, 223 – 10St NW
  Calgary AB T2N 1V5
  Monday-Thursday   6am - 10pm
  Friday   6am - 8pm
  Saturday   9am - 6pm
  Sunday   10am - 6pm
Closed statutory holidays. Possible reduced hours during holiday weekends.

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