vert1Located in the heart of Kensington since 1999. We are your local fitness, personal training and wellness center where the atmosphere is warm and friendly

It is our mission to take care of your wellness by providing a full range of services to complement your total heath goals. We offer personal training, nutrition guidance, meal prep, juice bar, chiropractic, active release, shockwave, acupuncture and massage therapy services.

At Our Club We...

• Make fitness fun, interesting, effective and safe!
• Take a holistic approach to fitness, weight training and nutrition.
• Take the guesswork out of wellness with expert advice.
• Show you what works and what doesn’t for maximum results.
• Motivate you to successfully reach your health goals.

We believe a successful fitness program includes looking after your soft tissue health & nutrition in addition to exercise.  We also know that no two people are alike, you are unique. That’s why every client goes through our Pathway to Success Program & receives a fitness specialist to design a personalized health plan through our 3 step process to – Evaluate, Customize & Communicate. Using this personal one on one approach to make Fitness that fits YOU.

People of all fitness levels can get in the best shape of their lives. Our equipment, facility, and wellness services are for general fitness, bodybuilders, or power lifters. We also have an excellent team of personal trainers to show proper technique, keep up motivation, and blast through plateaus. Join our community of supportive staff and members that want everyone to reach their fitness goals.

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  2nd Floor, 223 – 10St NW
  Calgary AB T2N 1V5
  Monday-Thursday   6am - 10pm
  Friday   6am - 8pm
  Saturday   9am - 6pm
  Sunday   10am - 6pm
Closed statutory holidays. Possible reduced hours during holiday weekends.

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