Stop by our Juice Bar before or after your fitness routine and reward yourself in a healthy way!

juiceChoose from a large supply of healthy snacks & meals, nutritional supplements and fresh smoothies and juices.

You gain a lot when you work out, but you also lose a lot too. Perspiring during a workout causes your body to lose essential electrolytes, antioxidants, and nutrients, such as magnesium and potassium. To ensure a proper recovery, it is critically important that you treat your body right post-workout.

Our shakes taste great! But they do so much more!

Here are some key benefits:

•Supercharge your body:
Your body is a machine, and what you put into it is what you get out of it. After an intense workout, a heavy meal will sit in your stomach and make you feel sluggish. A protein shake, on the other hand, is already in digestible form, allowing you to revitalize your body and enhance your energy levels quickly.
Between work and other responsibilities, most of us are living on-the-go. Eating healthy and being in a hurry do not go hand-in-hand. Shakes from our juice bar do not take long to prepare and can be enjoyed while you’re on the go.
•Aids in weight loss/muscle gain:
Shakes that are high in protein can greatly enrich your recovery from your workout! When taken regularly, they can help develop lean muscle, improve metabolism, and encourage fat loss.

You can build your own protein shake, choose one of our recipes or try our shake of the month!

Skipped a meal, in a rush or just don’t feel like cooking?

We’ve got you covered.

We have healthy organic, NON GMO, local sourced, pesticide/antibiotic/steroid free prepared meals from 360 Meals & Coaching available on site. Or if you prefer you can pre-order your meals for pick up after your workouts. (Orders must be made 2 days in advance. Order forms available at front desk.)

Need a little extra help with your nutrition beyond your diet?

vitamin supplements vs foodWe've got you covered with Supplement Sales.
A dietary supplement is intended to provide nutrients that may otherwise not be consumed in sufficient quantities. Supplements may also be used to replace meals, enhance weight gain, promote weight loss or improve athletic performance.
Supplements include vitamins, minerals, fiber, fatty acids, or amino acids, among other substances.

Here at Kensington Fitness we carry a variety of supplements that are most often recommended to our members for improving health or help reaching your fitness goals.


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