360 Meals Logo SmallclearEat well, feel well…when you give your body the fuel and nutrients it needs it responds by providing you with energy, improved sleep patterns, balanced moods, glowing skin, balanced weight….the benefits are endless.

We help our clients to master one of the most important prerequisites for good health: a balanced diet. Whether you hope to lose weight, compete in a triathlon or fitness competitions or just want a healthier diet, your eating habits can mean the difference between failure and success.

When it comes to eating, there is no one “healthy” or "correct" approach. A “healthy” relationship with food is one that meets the needs of the individual and factors in all aspects of their medical, social, physical and mental health.

We are committed to bringing the joy of food back into the lives of each individual we work with. We are here to be your guide to better health, to give you more control of your lifestyle and eating habits.

We can:

• Help you become aware of how what you eat impacts your health
• Help you build a diet that fits your preferences and lifestyle
• Help recommend supplements to support a nutrition plan & fitness goals
• Help you support a long term sustainable lifestyle for health and vitality

Services we offer:

• Nutritional Guidance
• Custom Nutrition Plans/Meal Planning
• Meal Prep

We are pleased to be partnered with 360 Meals & Coaching to provide our clientele with our meal prep service.

Never cook, never shop just order, eat and repeat. We prepare your food and deliver it fresh to your door. Just order and wait for your fresh, never frozen food delivery.
Your order is hand prepared twice per week by an experienced cook and delivered weekly to your home or office. Every order saves you time and money all while making you the envy in the work place. We also make sure your meals are responsibly portioned, and highly nutritious along with being super delicious!
We here at 360 Meals & Coaching are animal lovers and we also love our community. We do our absolute best at only using free range meats & local farmers and ranches/local businesses. Humanely raised, non GMO, pesticide, antibiotic and steroid free meats and produce. We offer full vegetarian and limited vegan options.
We are also able to cater to those who have medical illnesses, we make it easy to fight diabetes and overcome obesity.
Let us empower you to reach your fullest potential, every bite is an invitation to live life without limitation.


  2nd Floor, 223 – 10St NW
  Calgary AB T2N 1V5
  Monday-Thursday   6am - 10pm
  Friday   6am - 8pm
  Saturday   9am - 6pm
  Sunday   10am - 6pm
Closed statutory holidays. Possible reduced hours during holiday weekends.

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