workout2We developed this program because we wanted to ensure that each and every member was given an equal opportunity and the tools to reach their goals. We want to be a part of your successful journey to better health. Allowing you to achieve results that you cannot achieve on your own.
This program will not only show you where you began, so you can see your results along the way.  It also ensures you the ability to get those results with expert advice. We will develop a personalized plan with you to reach your goals in a safe and effective way.

Our Pathway to Success Program includes:

 Health Assessment
     Questionnaire on basic health & nutrition
 Fitness Assessment
IMG 71121200     Questionnaire on fitness goals & activity history
     Physical Fitness Test (Cardiovascular Health, Flexibility, Core & Muscle Strength…)
 Soft Tissue/Body Function Consultation
 Body Measurements & Before Photos
 Strategy Session with a Personal Trainer
     Review all your assessments and then with your goals in mind they will customize a total health plan for you.

We believe that our program sets you up for more success than you could have on your own so much so that we don’t charge for it. That’s right it’s absolutely FREE for every member! Why? Because we know once you start seeing results you’ll not only join our club of loyal dedicated members, you’ll tell your friends about us! But most importantly…

We care about your health and well-being!


  2nd Floor, 223 – 10St NW
  Calgary AB T2N 1V5
  Monday-Thursday   6am - 10pm
  Friday   6am - 8pm
  Saturday   9am - 6pm
  Sunday   10am - 6pm
Closed statutory holidays. Possible reduced hours during holiday weekends.

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